Monday, 15 July 2013

Don't Move by Margaret Mazzantini


"New lovers are full of fears, Angela; they have no place in the world; they're travelling to no destination."

This is not a novel for the feint hearted as the saying goes. It is packed to the hilt with lust, grief, disgust, passion, terror, love, fear and countless other heightened emotions. The never-ending violent assault of it is hard to describe and yet so amazingly crafted that one can't help heaping praise in its direction, despite some ghastly behaviours.
Gritty, real, graphic; this is very much an adult novel. It's confessional style draws the reader in inescapably, to the point where I almost cried on public transport - embarrassing. I recommend you read this when you're having a good day so that you can appreciate its brilliance without getting dragged too far down in the mire. 5 out of 5 with added horizontal hokey pokery.

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