Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life by Sophia Loren

When I think back on my life, sometimes I’m surprised that it’s actually all true "

Perhaps there is something reassuring about the fact that former sex kitten Sophia Loren is now a much loved Nonna - although I'm certain she looks quite different from my Nonna.

I don't know, I was really anticipating a little more from this one. It certainly is an easy read and a great potential stocking filler. That being said, I think I wanted just a little more. Probably something Ms Loren has had to grapple with her whole life.

That being said, this is an entertaining piece and is certainly worth a look in. Who can't be jealous of someone who was pursued by Cary Grant? Sophia's meteoric rise from the unexpected child of an unmarried mother to a global sensation was always going to make for an interesting read.

3 out of 5 toothpicks have a tendency to fill out.

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