Saturday, 5 September 2015

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

"We want a life­long wing­man/wing­woman who com­pletes us and can han­dle the truth, to mix metaphors from three dif­fer­ent Tom Cruise movies"

A really entertaining look at the current, let's be honest - quite horrific if you're stuck in it - state of dating today. I expected this to be far more tongue in cheek and more of a comedic novelty take, and yet it is considered and factual, yet still very funny.

My familiarity with Aziz Ansari extends only to his work on Parks and Recreation, which I love, so I was unsure what this little book would deliver. He mixes personal observations with supportive data sources, including the odd graph, to illustrate the unlikely circumstances for finding love in the digital age.

To be honest, this style of book is about the last thing I would normally pick up. Anything remotely self-helpy sends me running to the hills. That being said, the delivery is infectious and there were some laugh out loud moments... a few moments of schadenfreude  and yes, I admit it, a few milli-seconds of sadness at the state of the world.

His closing chapter "Conclusions" really resonated with me and I think was representative of a lot of people I know both single and in a relationship, gay and straight. I really hope he's right when he  says "Find­ing some­one today is prob­a­bly more com­pli­cated and stress­ful than it was for pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions—but you’re also more likely to end up with some­one you are re­ally ex­cited about."

5 out of 5 romance may be dead when tinder can't raise a spark.

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