Friday, 24 June 2016

The Wimbledon Poisoner by Nigel Williams

"Henry could honestly have said, as he and Roger From the Practice made a body count, that he had not wanted any of this to happen."

This is a hoot. Seriously, I can't recommend it enough. It is a delightfully wicked, black comedy about a man who is really over living with his wife. His plans to do away with her make of some entertaining reading. The daily malaise of suburban life gets turned upside down by the exploits of the Wimbledon Poisoner. Has the ghost of a past murderer taken possession of a modern day executioner? Will the body count raise the ire of the local constabulary? Should you worry if your usually inattentive spouse has made you some fancy, organic chicken with secret herbs and spices out of the blue?

Don't ask me, grab yourself a copy. I had to sneak this one in to work to read on my lunch break, I just couldn't abide leaving it unfinished. Henry Farr is kind of a suburban, middle class Patrick Bateman who finds his desire to be rid of his wife and interest in dangerous substances might impact the entire neighbourhood.I can definitely see why this novel was included on the Guardian's 1000 novels everyone must read and concur with this selection.
Apparently this is the first novel in a series of three - I'm keen to explore the others now.

5 ou 

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