Thursday, 23 February 2017

Before Lunch by Angela Thirkell

"In it stood the largest, most hideous, most elephant-legged grand piano that Edwardian money could buy."

I really wanted to love this more, it had moments of such delight, despite the timing being a little off. Somewhere in the middle, my interest waned and then, just when I would consider abandoning it, it evoked the odd chuckle and my progress was reinvigorated. I was introduced to this novel by its inclusion in The Guardian's 1000 novels you must read.
I'd probably describe it as Wodehouse Light. It brings a lighter touch to the humour, which is more polite, hidden and yet often, more pointed. This is polished, amusing and subtle and yet it just lacked a little sparkle for me.

I'd really enjoy hearing some other views and I imagine this would make a fantastic television adaptation, somewhere between Downton Abbey and Miss Fisher minus the murder.

 4 out of 5 subtle chuckles.

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