Friday, 28 July 2017

Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler

"A shudder went through her naked body, transmitting itself to him and almost depriving him of his senses."

At last, the antidote for the last dreary death obsessed novel I read was  this short novella, dripping with lust, unfulfilled and all consuming. Our hero and his wife make the usual mistake of being just a little too honest about times where they may have been tempted to stray. That utterance once voiced lends an air of unease and jealousy. Such a trap for young players. 

In this frame of mind, Doctor Fridolin heads out for a house call and proceeds to experience an unusual evening. SPOILER ALERT - He spurns the unwanted advances of a daughter grieving her father, is bewitched by a young lady of the night and crashes one hell of an eyes wide shut style gathering. Damn, I've said too much.
The writing is exquisite and oozes longing tinged with guilt and transgression.
Eighty eight pages of heady delight that hint at the power of desire and the attraction  of infidelity.

5 out of 5  lingering looks lead to strange places.

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