Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn

"It was like a whole world of signals and signs had been floating right past her — lingering looks, secret smiles, eyes moving up and down, wine-glasses lifted in solidarity, charged conversations in bookstores"

Are you perhaps planning on going on holiday, somewhere warm, to soak in the sun and read something enjoyable? This is the book you should pack ( or download if you're the e-book kind of reader). It is just so easy to relate to, fun and destined to ring a few bells with anyone who has been married, ever ( even for a Hollywood style short time).

A chance dinner party conversation with another couple, leads Lucy and Owen to consider a six month experiment to spice up their non existent love-life. Married with a special needs child, they are both unsatisfied with their lives and tempted by the prospect of transgression within the boundaries of some clearly designed "fight-club" style rules.

No doubt you can guess that things do not go as anticipated. Like most people, when you're in a relationship and bored, the idea of something else is appealing, until the realisation that the other party will be in the same boat. The 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander' idea is rarely okay with most people.

What this novel points out, in an entertaining and partially tongue-in-cheek way, is that a binding commitment to one person can be exceedingly dull and it takes a lot of effort on both parts to keep things fresh and interesting. It is all to easy to lose one's sense of worth and self in the role of wife or mother, we all need to feel wanted, able to do things just for ourselves and like we've still got it. It is quite funny me giving advice in that regard, I am literally the most single woman alive. The longest I've ever lasted with anyone was two years. One day I plan to break that particular record, until then, I'll just enjoy the sun on the beach and reading entertaining books such as this, to see how the other half suffer. Greetings from Playa del Carmen btw x

5 out of 5, seriously Owen, Izzy was trouble from the beginning man.

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