Thursday, 17 July 2014

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto


"For some reason I keep getting connected to men who have something to do with plants"

Yet again I am grateful to the 1001 books list for delivering another delightful literary gem. Short and tasty, featuring a kitchen loving protagonist there is something really unique about this tiny pink book's voice. Perhaps it is the translation from the Japanese which sets it apart.

Dreams,kitchen, death, love and confusion. This is a peek into a very different life. Bereft and lost after her grandmother's death the protagonist moves in with the Tanabe family - the boy who used to work in her grandmother's flower shop and his transsexual parent.

The book is rounded out with a final very short tale entitled 'moonlight shadow', a tale of love and bells.

5 out of 5 the kitchen is the best room in the house.

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