Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Skin Trade by Laurell K Hamilton

Shapeshifters rode that edge of pain and plea­sure, but this power was just warm, al­most com­fort­ing."

It is a truth not universally acknowledged that someone with a non existent love life like yours truly might be tempted back to some paranormal hanky panky courtesy of Anita Blake. This being the 17th outing of the series, it appears that I have not, as I previously thought, given up on reading these little tit bits and that this one is a bit of a return to form.
Finally, Blake makes it out of bed long enough to get back to her detective roots and sure, she still does that "I'm not slutty, honest, its just the ardeur I have to feed" shtick, however it's far more entertaining than some of the previous outings. Either that or it has just been way too long between drinks and I've missed her man-agerie of supernatural lovers. Throw in psychopath Olaf and old favourite Ed/Ted and off we go to Vegas for some life threatening adventures, with lions and tigers and werebeasts oh my!
If Anita discovers the ability to call any more animals, she will have to open a zoo! Hope she gets home to my favourite vampire Jean-Claude, but I'll be sated with a little Wicked Truth on the side.

3 out of 5 fangs very much.

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