Friday, 10 October 2014

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

"Chaos I felt I had somehow helped create."

The current tv series Outlander has reignited my interest in the saga of Claire Fraser/Randall and her time travelling exploits and prompting me to invest in and speedily complete book 2 of the series. Was my interest in the writing or just spending more time with Jamie? I posit a little from column a, a little from column b.
Time is all a little bit wibbly, wobbly timey wimey with the beginning of the novel introducing an older Claire and **spoilers** her daughter, heading back on a trip to Scotland.

Claire reveals the truth behind her daughter's conception in flashback mode that takes up the bulk of the novel - thank goodness- more Jamie!

Spying and intrigue in France and Scotland follow - Claire, as usual, gets to utilise her medical knowledge and also her French this time. Is she the wicked witch her enemies believe her to be, will she once again run afoul of her husband's nasty forebear? All will be revealed and before you know if 947 pages have flown by and you'll be eager to devour the next instalment.

5 out of 5 pieces of amber spell trouble - for more information see Jurassic Park.

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