Wednesday, 15 October 2014

To Rise Again At A Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris

"I never seriously considered killing myself, but once you have a kid, you take that option off the table."

To begin with, this is a strange, yet compelling novel. Dr Paul O’Rourke’s messed up love life, is almost as tragic as yours truly it would seem and the first few chapters were almost therapeutic but then… well it just gets weird. Our slightly cracked dentist discovers someone has created a whole fake Internet life for him replete with a new company website, twitter and Facebook accounts and his alter-ego is a prolific social media poster. This is from a guy who rarely traverses the internet’s limitless bounds and now, really inconveniently since the current object of his affections is Jewish, this fake Dr O’Rourke seems to be an anti-Semite.

Shortlisted for the Man Booker prize, this is a novel with some really interesting things to say about relationships, the loneliness of the constantly connected society and then so much weirder things to say about Judaism - a topic I don't really feel adequately qualified to comment on. The mysterious ulm and the mysterious Grant Arthur - a whole lot of mysterious for me - I preferred the beginning of the novel.

Paul's habit of becoming "c***-gripped" by the object of his affections was a rather visceral depiction but who hasn't fallen victim to the appeal of a good looking member of the opposite sex and their physical thrall? Thought I'd keep it relatively PG friendly for the masses, I think you can tell what I'm getting at.

4 out of 5 people can surprise you

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