Monday, 9 February 2015

The Mythology of Sylphs by John Martin

“If I don’t leave the shadows now and stand with her in the light, I consign myself to them forever”

This is a new one for me. Usually, my thoughts on a book are untouched by any direct access to its creator.  A recent email correspondence with the author of this book convinced me to seek it out and now I feel a little daunted by posting a review.

That being said, here goes... There are elements of this tale that seem completely foreign and others that really drew me in. I could identify with the hopeless romantic longings of J for his classmate Ariel. They reminded me of my own kindergarten courtly love  style obsession with my classmate ending in rejection and embarrassment.

Here J is the picture of perserverance overcoming a violent family life, poverty and bullying with a fixed view to winning over dancing Ariel. Her story is equally complex. It is not a perfect story but so embued with emotions that I was moved to give it the score below.

5 out of 5 smart, complicated women can also play the romantic lead.

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