Monday, 23 February 2015

The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead

“It was shocking to me, so I could only imagine how Sydney must feel.”

I have a guilty confession, I can’t resist the YA outings of Richelle Mead. I loved Vampire Academy, let’s face it I wanted to be Rose! The only draw back was choosing between Dimitri and Adrian and then that caring author that she is, she created the Bloodlines offshoot with extra Adrian Ivashkov. All guilty pleasures must come to an end, and in that vein (get it – vein), this enjoyable treat delivers its final instalment.

When last we left Sydney and Adrian, they had gotten married. It has been about a year hasn't it since I read the last volume. I devour them in a night, a bit like a packet of peanut M&Ms, although without the calorie count. The path of true love between supernatural hunters and vampires never did run smooth and there are some final shocks in store.

Dream walking, the dangers of spirit over use, magical spells, missing people and road trips to Canada, no wait, it just seems like Canada, it is all here.

For those Bloodlines tragic, I'm doing this spoiler free. Was the ending neat? Yes. Did I want more, naturally. Did it make me feel older.... you betcha Even the YA kids are growing up - don't do it kids - grow old disgracefully, YA fiction in hand.

 5 out of 5 magic spells keep your heart young

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