Thursday, 12 March 2015

Thirteen Roses Book 1: Before by Michael Cairns

"There were roses, the most beautiful red roses that smelled like a holiday, and were the colour of romance and belonged on a table in a tiny cafe in Paris."

A mysterious flower seller seems an unlikely entree into an apocalyptic zombie tale, but this one doesn't disappoint. I was fortunate to receive a copy from the author and I'm really pleased that I got the opportunity to post this review.

I think what makes this particularly intriguing is the quality of writing and the unexpected take on a rather familiar genre. I had to read this one on my mobile while enduring a particularly crazy working week and I think it says a lot about the writing that it held my interest despite the less than helpful interface and the distractions of competing deadlines.

A number of disparate characters linked by pungent flowers, mysterious figures and the threat of an apocalypse, well that certainly sounds like something that might draw you in, doesn't it?

5 out of 5 red roses by the dozen, unless its a baker's dozen.

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