Monday, 25 May 2015

Only in New York by Lily Brett

“In New York you will also always be thanked for something. You will in fact be thanked for everything.”

I will always be grateful for amazing friends that lend me books. Thank you Kate for this one, clearly you know me too well. Lily writes in an engaging and flighty style reminiscent of the monologue in my head. Oooh look at this, and have you ever noticed that?
While many of her stories relate to being of Jewish descent and living in New York ( the title was a bit of a give away), I think there's something universal about her voice that will draw you in regardless of your origins or persuasions.

So, if you have a weird relationship with your manicurist, if you like churches as quiet places to hide in rather than house of worship and if you have a tendency to just marvel at the crazy world around you, then you too will enjoy sitting back with a cuppa and getting lost with Lily.
Oh and the chapter about being a guest rather than a customer - yes it weirds me out too Lily, don't you worry about that. The chapter about her mother's sunglasses made me just a wee bit teary and recalled something my mum said the other day about the fact that it doesn't matter how old you get, you always miss your mum.

On a chirpier note, check out the sunshine in the picture above - winter sun is the one aspect of that cold time of year I can't complain about.

4 out of 5 Vignettes have nothing to do with vino.

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