Wednesday, 19 August 2015

So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

"But it’s odd that so many of us see sham­ing the way free-mar­ket lib­er­tar­i­ans see cap­i­tal­ism, as a beau­ti­ful beast that must be al­lowed to run free."

Another really interesting and timely piece of work from Mr Ronson. In today's world the internet is the first port of call for so many judgement calls. Should I employ this person, should I date this one? Who do we look to, if not Mr Google?
For those people out in the world who have made mistakes, and who hasn't, the potential to be publicly shamed is a real and present danger.

One ill-timed or insensitive public tweet could spiral into some very dark territories and this is the landscape that the book explores.

Coming at the problem from a number of different angles, the book develops a number of ideas in a manner which is relatable and easy to read. The thing I admire about his writing is how effortless it is to read and absorb.

5 out of 5 offensive posts will hang you out to dry.

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  1. I find this kind of books extremely relevant and very scary. Only recently a Spanish politician was made to resign because of a bad taste joke he published on Twitter over two years ago. I thought it was a bit extreme, but it is one of the consequences of keeping very public records of the evolution of our personalities.