Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Witch Of Napoli by Michael Schmicker

“Women have been deceiving men since the Garden of Eden. They’ve had centuries of practice.” 

I was lucky enough to receive a review epub of this book through netgalley.com, the only draw back being I had to read it on my iphone. This took me quite awhile to complete. Fittingly, I finished the book in Italy, sitting on the front porch, fruilano wine in hand.
It is an enchanting tale of a young man and his interactions with an infamous psychic, who just may be the real thing.

Could the enticing Alessandra Poverelli, the titular witch of Napoli, be one of the few mediums to actually commune with the afterlife? A posse of scientists are out to discredit her. Some will believe, some will fall for her and one will be an insidious nemesis. For young would be journalist and narrator Tommaso, a european escapade with the mysterious medium offers new opportunities for adventure and self promotion.

One thing is for sure, you are going to, at best, vehemently dislike the character of Huxley.

4 out of 5 levitating tables are a bit wobbly

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