Saturday, 14 May 2016

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E.Schwab

"People always said that the waiting was the worst part, and Lila agreed."

The problem with really loving the first book of a series that is new launched into the world, is the interminable wait anticipating the next instalment. Such was the case with A Darker Shade of Magic which, let's face it, I only finished in January.  It is true that I have traversed the pages of many a novel in between, and as such, it took me a little time to recall the particular details of the first tome. The delightful memories of the world of the first book slowly returned and as such my delight in the world of the second grew.

Lila is such a great character that kept me hurriedly turning those pages. Magic, pirates, tournaments, intrigue, there is something for everyone here. My only quibble is that, as it came to an end,  I knew I would have to wait for the next instalment. My impatience for book three can only be quelled by its pages firmly pressed against my hands.

5 out of 5 magical gatherings can be more challenging than anticipated.

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