Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

"Cedric's smile broadened, warming his features. Were his eyelashes longer than mine?"

Sometimes I'm a little embarrassed to admit my love of Richelle Mead's works. Yes they are aimed at a young adult audience. Yes, they essentially are all variations on the theme of a gorgeous young woman escaping the binds of some kind of social structure and in the process falling for the "wrong guy" according to her station, who turns out to be just right. They are also a lot of fun and well realised.
I wonder sometimes if my appreciation of such delightful flights of fancy is the sign of a hopeless romantic or of being an overgrown child. Now, enough navel gazing, let's talk about the book.

Lady Whitmore, Countess of Rothford is not looking forward to the prospect of an arranged marriage. Switching places with one of her maids she escapes to become part of the Glittering Court, an undertaking which overhauls impoverished girls into marriageable material for the well off men of Adoria. My chief concern with that conceit is that our heroine basically runs from one arranged marriage to be bought and sold in another, or at least that is what she is contracted to endure.

All these queries are put aside by a cracking pace, some fascinating characters and the lengthy eyelashes of Cedric Thorn. Will he be a thorn in her side? Will her cover be blown? Will blackmail, piracy and heretical religions keep her on tender hooks? I guess you will just have to have a read and see.

Once again, thanks go to my fellow book sharer Nicki, for lending me this lovely hard copy and I'm excited to see there will be more to come from Ms Mead in this series, namely Midnight Jewel focussing on Adelaide's friend Mira's adventures.

5 out of 5 glittering girls always command attention.

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