Wednesday, 14 September 2016

To Be Read at Dusk by Charles Dickens

“He looked like the figure - necessarily so, because he looked earnestly at his brother when he saw him come into the room."

Interesting to be transported away in just 58 pages. This collection of three short stories seemed to whisper at me through the chill of evening. I could just imagine a theatrical performance  by Mr Dickens conveying his eerie tales. In my imagination his voice sounded somewhat like Simon Callow and I put that down to his book on the subject ( and having heard him speak on the subject of Charles Dickens).

'The Signalman', 'The Trial for Murder' and title story, 'To Be Read at Dusk'  are Halloween camp fire ready for your entertainment. Not particularly blood curdling, more likely to induce a bit of a creepy chill. I particularly liked the first story.

5 out of 5 dark tales by lamplight.

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