Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Quiche of Death by M.C. Beaton

"I'm tired of bicycling and exercise routines. I feel like giving up and becoming really fat."

I had to explore the source material after having relished the recent tv incarnation starring the always amazing Ashley Jensen and a fabulous, Vivienne Westwood looking, wardrobe of wow.Click on the video, oh, but no, should I read the story first? Truth be told they are both delightful and I have a sneaking suspicion you will like them both on their own merits.

Fish out of water, ex publicity guru, Agatha Raisin has retired to the country to escape the rat race of London. Her fond memories from childhood holidays have informed her choice of the Cotswolds. Agatha arrives with perfectly coiffed hair, professionally decorated cottage and genuine ability to get everyone offside except for the friendly policeman, Bill Wong.

Trying to fit in, Agatha enters the local quiche making competition ( with store bought quiche) and her efforts are rewarded by a body count. Who knew what a hotbed of sexual intrigue the town of Carsley could be? Will Agatha discover - who done it? Will she ever be forgiven for stealing away her neighbour's cleaner? 

You will find this story as tasty as fancy quiche and far easier to digest. Fortunately there are plenty of adventures of Mrs Raisin out there to read and I look forward to discovering them. They are even easy to read on my phone which tells me this is particularly easily digestible fare.

5 out of 5 slices of tasty delights.

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