Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

"There was another tone that was off-key"

Let me start off this review by stating that I was a little distracted while reading this Norwegian tale. I've had enough of miserable times and to be honest the idea of a gruff, ageing police officer, grim murders and nazis just wasn't quite the upbeat change of pace I was seeking.

The story drifts back and forth in time like a yo yo between the year 2000 and world war two and my scatterbrained mind was having trouble keeping apace. My delightful friend who so kindly loaned me her copy had a far more positive response to the novel and I trust her judgement. For me, the pacing was irritating in the extreme. Whenever I would settle in and get a handle on what was going on, the timeline would break with a jump forward or backward in time and I'd be lost again. This, for me, really interrupted the suspense and thriller status and left me disapointed. That being said, it was readable and there were moments that struck me as intriguing.

 3 out of 5 nazis, assassination attempts and multiple personalities.

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