Thursday, 9 November 2017

In Between The Sheets by Ian McEwan

"He was horrified , sickened, that he could enjoy being overwhelmed, like one of those cripples in his brother's magazines."

How to describe these little snippets which are all about, well what you might get up to in between the sheets? The scope is broad and some short stories work far better than others. One that certainly is hard to forget might possibly have been the inspiration for Lars and The Real Girl, I'm not sure, and yet the subject matter is rather similar. A passionate tryst with a shop dummy is certainly not something you read about everyday.
I dread to say it and yet the brevity of the stories seemed like they were....pullling out of the station before the last stop shall we say? I guess you could say they are a bit of a tease - they stop just when things are getting interesting. Perhaps that's why I didn't give this a five. I think the first story, Pornography,  is brilliant and rather a good advertisement for condoms, particularly if your paramours number in the greater than one bracket.

4 out of 5 kinks in the page.

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