Saturday, 24 March 2018

The Creeping Shadow by Jonathan Stroud

"Half of me still believed I should be somewhere else, holding fast to a solitary career that couldn't imperil Lockwood and the others."

I can't express with adequate vigour just how much I love this series. Sure, I'm an overgrown child. Yes it is young adult fiction. Do I care? Hell no!  Lucy Carlyle's supernatural abilities are only a small part of her appeal. She is tormented and fantastic and makes for a fantastic protagonist. I have a massive crush on Lockwood - the unattainable man is always attractive - this also seems rather wrong, particularly given the age differential. Then there's the action and it is out of this world.

A strange haunted village, combines with mystery and intrigue - what are those agencies up to? What has all the ghosts riled up and what is the scary, creeping shadow? Also, the talking skull goes missing and I love him unreservedly. Did i mention there's also a really creepy cannibal ghost - so much going on!!

5 out of 5 spooks from wall to wall.

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