Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud

"And because extreme psychic sensitivity is almost exclusively found in the very young, this meant that whole generations of children like me found themselves becoming part of the front line."

This book just made my day, my month, possibly my year. It has been way too long since I've dived into a world created by Mr Stroud - the Bartimaeus Trilogy. I loved the dark humour of that genie saga and now this new series is all about ghosts - sign me up. Some of the best young adult fiction is characterised by the fact that it appeals to all. There's no attempt to dumb things down for a younger audience. Stroud does this superbly. Often the subject matter can be bleak, dark, dingy, damp and/or life threatening. Come on, I know you too are chomping at the bit to explore this also.
Young Lucy Carlyle's first job, didn't quite work out the way she would have liked and so now she seeks employ with a small, unknown agency - Lockwood & Co.
The eponymous, Lockwood is also young, tall and rather mysterious. Joined by the annoying George, the intrepid trio are set for adventures with a capital A.
Breaking the rules can be dangerous, staircases might scream, lockets may hide secrets and ghost monks can really ruin your day. Don't listen to me though, crack open a copy and just enjoy. I've already started the sequel and have the rest on order!

5 out of 5 things that go bump in the night can be adventurous.

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