Monday, 7 May 2018

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

"Mummy always said that brandy is good for shocks and I'd brought some, several years ago, just in case."

I started reading this book this morning on my way to work and finished it on the way home. It is eminently readable. The characters are well drawn, the plot really draws you in and its a story that will stay with you well after you close the last page.

Eleanor leads a strange existence, tormented by weekly calls with her mother. When she takes a shine to a rock musician, she begins to undertake some real changes. The visit to the waxing salon made me giggle out loud - the other commuters did look at me a little funny - I felt somewhat like the protagonist in that situation.

New friends, a cat and some startling revelations make for an engrossing read. Those pages flew buy at an alarmingly fast rate and I admit to missing Ms Eleanor Oliphant since the final page. It has been quite a time since someone has so personified the transformative powers of a good haircut and a smokey eye.

5 out of 5, no wonder Reese Witherspoon optioned this one!

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