Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Where the Dead Lie by C.S. Harris

"He felt himself rendered unclean simply by standing in a place once occupied by such a monster, by touching objects the killer had touched before him."

I have this one reservation about the Sebastian St Cyr novels; they are just way too readable. No longer have I cracked the cover with glee and then... goodbye sleep. My head will not be hitting the pillow until I've enjoyed every last page. Then goodbye Sebastian, until the next fantastic offering, which comes around way too slowly.

This particular mystery is filled with some rather nasty goings on. The body of a battered and sodomised boy leads Sebastian to seek out a rogue's gallery of hideous creatures with a penchant for young children and the Marquis de Sade. Always a force for good, Sebastian is hell bent on tracking down the nefarious culprit, even though as he searches for clues, he finds there is even greater evil afoot.

Even as I write this review my eyes are growing tired. That is the unfortunate result of having stayed awake way too late to find out the key to this mystery. As I perused the final notes, I did so with the usual dismay that it will be awhile before I inhabit the world of Hero and Sebastian again. Thankfully the lovely Nicki will no doubt buy the next instalment when it becomes available.

5 out of 5 time travels backwards to a different age that retains its charm.

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