Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Spy In The House Of Love by Anais Nin



"It was the alchemy of desire fixing itself upon the incarnation of all women into Sabina for a moment but as easily by a second process able to alchemize Sabina into many others."

The torments of Sabina and her struggles with love, lust, morality and the continuing friction between the three really resonates. Here is a strong female voice torn between the joys of liberation, the struggles of fitting in and playing a part to keep the man she loves and who loves her. All she wants is the freedom to live the enticing life enjoyed by her male counterparts, but in doing so, she risks exposing the mask she wears to hold on to Alan, the nice, safe choice.
Nin's writing, as always, is like chocolate, delicate, tasty, moreish and delightful. At 124 pages, this is a particularly quick read, but the prose is dense with anticipation, struggle and is certainly worth picking up from the bookshelf. There is something so attractive about her writing which is at the same time, reassuring and testing. This short read beautifully expresses the duality of desire, of joy and deceit in equal measure.  5 out of 5. I want to read it again!

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