Monday, 13 May 2013

Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris


"I was still Eric Northman's wife under vampire custom, though he wasn't talking to me right now."

After so many years following Sookie Stackhouse through her romantic adventures between and betwixt the supernatural inhabitants of Bon Temps and beyond, the final chapter has arrived. I will suppress the intense desire to give the ending away - it might leave you happy, sad, mad, a combination of both (me), or something in between.
 The first thing that any reader or bookstore shopper can't fail to notice is the lurid fluoro cover - that orange practically glows in the dark. Having said that, if you're buying the final, 13th novel, you are pretty much committed to finding out what happens and might ignore the crazy brights. I prefer the old cartoonish covers, but back to the story....
The last couple of books had me a little ambivalent about how the story might unfurl. Perhaps this is due to my Eric Northman obsession and the on again, off again, nature of their interactions. I think perhaps my appreciation of Eric is due more to Alexander Skarsgard than the actual character in the book, but I'm not one to complain. In the spirit of reference, see below.... now where was I?
Without detailing the events of the book in detail, there are witches, the devil ( or a devil), vampires, shifters and werewolves aplenty, along with a murder (because the bodies always mount up in Bon Temps). I'm giving this a good mark on the basis that I'm relieved to come to the end of the saga and not have to patiently wait a year between visits. It's no Dickens, but for giving the world Eric, Sookie , Bill and Alcide I can't help but be greatful to Charlaine Harris.  5 out of 5 for all the shirtless supernatural boyfriends of Sookie.

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