Friday, 20 September 2013

I Wish Someone were waiting for me Somewhere by Anna Gavalda

"Hundreds of black-and-white photos of nothing but my hands"

If ever you feel like an exemplar of the internal monologue, grab yourself a copy of this beautifully rendered selection of short stories. Emotions pour out despite an economy of words in an almost poetic fashion. If that sounds too pretentious, this is anything but.
It is perhaps more amazing that this was translated from the original French, it certainly loses none of its punch. The pregnancy story in particular was gut wrenchingly honest and sad. Whether her protagonist is male or female makes no difference, Gavalda really seems to inhabit their very being,
So I checked this out because of its inclusion on yet another list and I am so glad I did. Not only is it another tick off the list, it was a delightfully experience that transported me far from the environs of the daily bus ride.
 5 out of 5 love, lust, loss and everything in between. 

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