Monday, 30 September 2013

Stories for Nighttime and Some for The Day by Ben Loory


"That's when he sees the shark."

An imaginative and intriguing collection of short stories that is reminiscent of bedtime stories for adults. It recalls the meandering tales my mother used to tuck me into bed with, and yet amped up and beautifully written with absurd undertones and the occasional moral.
I particularly enjoyed the tale of the octopus in the city - he reminded me of myself, living away in another state and eventually returning to my relatives and my home town. The astronaut and the Martian was another favourite, and don't get me started on the perils of swimming in public pool - who knows what monsters lay beneath the surface.
Reading this little treasure on the bus to work, I could not help but giggle to myself - no fellow passengers I am not a crazy lady, just a gal who loves a good read. After a week of bizarre coincidences and unintended collisions with the past, it is rather nice to escape into a strange fictional landscape. I can only imagine what entrancing flights of fancy the author might take us on in novel form.
5 out of 5 ... don't pick on Bigfoot.


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