Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

"Fortunately, I had kept tight hold of the milk, so when I splashed into the sea I didn't lose it."

The arrival of a new work by Neil Gaiman is always cause for celebration in my view. I was fortunate enough to hear a teaser of this latest gem for children, when Neil toured Australia earlier in the year.
My appetite was whet for more and I could barely contain my enthusiasm when the familiar book depository packaging came bounding through my mailbox.
Enter pirates, dinosaurs, ponies and tonnes of adventure – even the threat of destroying the space time continuum, not to mention a rather doctor who like scarf – Tom Baker would be proud.
The illustrations are the icing on the cake and this is one little book certain to delight both children and the child in us all.
Thank you Mr Gaiman for making the world a more marvellous place, now where’s the milk, oh that’s right I’m lactose intolerant.
5 out of 5 breakfast cereals prefer to be accompanied by milk.

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