Thursday, 10 October 2013

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

"Really, really scared. What she'd seen in the Monica Mafia's eyes today wasn't just the usual lazy menace of cool girls versus the geeks; this was worse."

Another supernatural series, I hear you say. Withhold your judgement, my penchant for the paranormal is a fancy I cannot deny. There is something so seductive about yet another town full of ancient vampires and hidden secrets. Throw a genius of a 16 year old protagonist in the mix and you have yourself a winner.
I devoured this with a rapacity reminiscent of a thirsty vampire recovering from a bout of vegetarianism. This first instalment is a mere morsel and I'm determined to enjoy the full menu  - I wonder how many novels this one consists of, a quick search tells me 15- that seems like a bit of a commitment.
Like any good series this gives just enough to peak your interest and leaves enough questions to keep you seeking out the sequel. No doubt I will. I did happen to want just a wee little bit more from it - hence my score.
4 out of 5 haunted youths cry you shall not pass when vampires stand at the door.

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