Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Millennium People by J G Ballard

"My seduction by Dr Richard  Gould, and the revolution he launched at Chelsea Marina, began only four months earlier, though I often felt that I had known this disgraced children's  doctor since my student years."

Another intrusion into the always fascinating world of Mr Ballard. This rather contemporary novel, set and published in the naughties, takes on the notion of a rebellious middle class, turned terrorist under the destructive influence of Dr Richard Gould.
David Markham's first wife, Chelsea falls victim to an act of terrorism at Heathrow airport and he becomes obsessed with finding the responsible party. This reminded me of a more subtle version of American Psycho.
It is decidedly less violent than some other earlier works of Ballard - perhaps he mellowed with age? The black comedy remains, and as always that is my favourite kind of comedy. Who ever liked red, green, blue or yellow comedy anyway? This is the prose of the sly giggle rather than the out and out guffaw and it remains surprisingly suspenseful.
 5 out of 5, revolutionaries are so unreliable.


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