Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Novel Cure by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elberkin


"Our apothecary  contains Balzacian balms and Tolstoyan tourniquets, the salves of Saramago and the purges of Perec and Proust."

I discovered this little gem whilst visiting Melbourne. A friend and I had been mesmerised by Readings at Hawthorn and set about some serious shelf diving, in typical bibliophile sightseeing style. I could not look away and decided this was a very necessary addition to my bookshelf.
Feeling a little peaky? Look up your symptoms and find the book that cures your ills. An insightful discussion, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, of some well known, and others less so, works of fiction will delight the reading population. The perfect gift for your friends from bookclub. Actually, the novels cited would make for a fantastic book-club reading list.
I might not agree with all their choices, but I have been inspired to discover a number of works not previously in my goodreads "to read" shelf.
 5 out of 5, what am I going to read now?

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