Friday, 18 October 2013

Ulysses by James Joyce

"May I bring two men chums to witness the deed and take a snapshot?"

One of those literary classics that I have avoided for way too long. I remember it sitting ominously on an ex-boyfriend's bedside table, actually I think he was still reading it after we broke up. I was mortified that a scientist was reading a classic that I hadn't even looked at yet.
I'd read that it was nonsensical and rambling and that put me off picking it up, well that and the lump of a size of it - the book - not the boyfriend - until, I finally gave in and decided to read the damn thing.
Let me just start out by saying, starting this with one hell of a hangover was so appropriate! Rambling tales, strange interludes with prostitutes, dense text, dialogue, there's a little bit of something for everyone here. Don't expect a sane, straight down the line narrative. But, who would expect that if they'd heard anything about this novel? Banned for obscenity for many years, yet don't expect to be too disgusted by the odd smattering of the f-word, and the odd mention of a 'French letter'.
Drunken ramblings of someone with a classical education is what comes to mind. Reading this book I answered someone in French and wrote an email with a smattering of Latin. Certainly, the 5 days I spent reading this were a little scattered.
I have ticked off about 6 different best of lists by completing this one, that is just an added bonus.
 4 out of 5 messed up meandering.

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  1. Oh wow, you read Ulysses in 5 days! That's quite an accomplishment. :)
    It's on my tbr list, but I'm still avoiding it.