Friday, 20 September 2013

Never Mind by Edward St Aubyn


"Opening the cupboard under Eleanor's basin he was struck by the splendour and variety of the tubes and bottles: clear ones and yellow ones and dark ones, orange ones with green caps, in plastic and glass,  from half a dozen countries, all urging the consumer not to exceed the stated dose."

If you are expecting a light and fluffy weekend in the country as the stylish cover seems to suggest; think again! Expertly crafted this is a shocking, yet amazingly delivered punch in the guts of a novel.
The world of young Patrick Melrose is populated by some truly hideous and broken characters. All flaws are on display when his parent's social circle descend en masse for a rather unsavoury dinner party in the country.
His dad in particular is a heinous monster, whereas Marie Antoinette may have said "Let them eat cake", David Melrose is more likely to force people to swallow figs - and that's him at his nicest.
I won't be rushing for the next instalment too quickly. I need something slightly more sweet and happy ( or perhaps a stint in Eleanor's pill cabinet) before I attempt the next instalment, yet I am certain I will be exploring it at some stage soon.
5 out of 5 money can't buy happiness.

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