Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

"The cat had a name like hers, but not exactly."

A sequel to The Shining, I hear you say...what a startling notion. As if the first novel (and the film that followed in its wake) wasn't the scariest thing every, imagine Danny Torrance's torturous life after his time at the Overlook Hotel. Stephen King has so generously provided a little closure to those of us who found it hard to sleep after reading of the juvenile Danny's torments.

Who could forget the ultimate betrayal that Danny underwent in the remote, wintry surrounds of the off-season hotel? Dare you subject yourself to more of the same? If, perhaps you are feeling brave, then crack open the spine of this chilling sequel and prepare for thrills, chills and a basic lack of sleep.

Dan Torrance has grown and not everything is rosy. Who knew he would replace his mentor as the shining guide for little powerhouse, Abra Stone.

I fear to give too much away would detract from the suspense, suffice to say, this is entertaining, spine-chilling stuff that sits easily among the King canon.

5 out of 5 hairs on the back of your neck will rise to attention.

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