Friday, 8 November 2013

Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones

"I found Mr Dickens' sentence, shut my eyes and committed it to memory before kicking away every trace."

In terms of literary adventures, this year has been chock to the brim. I had the greatest pleasure of getting better acquainted with the fascinating creature that is Pip of Great Expectations  and then the joy of re-visiting him through the adoring eyes of young Matilda.

Soon to be gracing cinemas with the always delightful Hugh Laurie in the lead, this novel is a joy to behold. It so expertly captures the delight of storytelling and  escapism. How a child can learn about far away lands and different cultures and educate others through its retelling.

Closing the book, I had a real sense that  I'd been on the island with Matilda and I felt a real longing to return.

5 out of 5 expectations are great.

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