Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dust by Hugh Howey

"She could feel people gawking at the scars even when she was fully clothed."

Thank you Mr Howey, I relished my journey into an alternate world which in so many ways mirrors our own - with additional levels of claustrophobia thrown in. To be kept in the dark, to be fed lies, its a bit like believing what you see on prime time commercial current affairs shows, but i digress.

The final instalment in the silos trilogy was much anticipated and does not disappoint. The continuing quest for the truth, the battle to gain acceptance of the truth from the silo dwellers and the sense that time is running out -make for a thrilling adventure.

Nicki, you will be ecstatic to know you can now borrow this from me! If you haven't started the series yet people, then get cracking. This is sci-fi at its thrilling best.

5 out of 5 diggers get dusty.

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