Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Eric by Terry Pratchett

"The whole point about the end of the universe was that you couldn't go past it accidentally."

Hello Rincewind old pal, you lousy wizard you, with your crazy luggage. What ho, death, good to see you again, if only for a few capitalised, Kanye style exclamations. Yes, it was time to take another journey into Discworld and it was a delight as ever.

The introduction of young Eric, and his quest to make a deal with a demon to meet women is hilarious. Particularly his desire to be a eunuch, will anyone ever explain that to the kid?

One of the shorter little excursions to Pratchett's fantasy realm, I read this in about 15 minutes and it was quality not quantity. Sometimes a tasty little morsel can just make your life so much sweeter. Thanks once again to the lovely Nicki for lending me her beloved copy.

5 out of 5 pieces of luggage tend to run away.

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