Saturday, 15 February 2014

Reality by Ray Glickman

"I hope to god this thing never ends up in court, Kathleen found herself saying out loud."

I was pretty excited to hear that I'd won an advance copy of an upcoming novel through Goodsreads' First Reads program. The novel started off with promise and short, punchy prose filled chapters that introduced the main characters, along with a promise of a big master plan pay off.

My biggest quibble would be that the pay off wasn't exactly big or impressive. There was a lot of promise and some big promises made, but ultimately, the finale left me a little cold.
Perhaps it was the narrator's source of inspiration, Big Brother, that led an air of insipidness.
I don't want to give the impression that the book wasn't well written  - it certainly was.
There was an initially brilliant conceit that just got a little lost about half way through.

3 out of 5  random people might get up to more interesting things.

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