Saturday, 8 March 2014

Divergent by Veronica Roth

"Never in my life did I expect to hold a gun, let alone fire 


I know I am a little slow to jump (not exactly dauntless) on the Veronica Roth bandwagon, but I was compelled to check this one out by the countless great reviews and the fact that the movie is coming out soon. If, by chance, you have read my previous reviews, you will recall I am a little obsessed with checking out the source material before seeing the movie version. I am sure the talented Shailene Woodley will do just fine as Tris, I just like to form my own imaginary version first. Also, holy cow, did they pick a stunning looking Four or what - Theo is very easy on the eye - but let's wait until you too can check out the book first!

My initial thoughts were, hmm some publisher has said " I reckon a cross between Harry Potter and Hunger Games would sell well" and a helpful author has willingly complied, but this first impression does the book a massive disservice. Somewhere between the Aptitude Tests ( I dare you not to think of the sorting hat) and the segregated dystopian society ( hello districts), the story ensnares the reader and does not let up with a compelling mix of action and emotions.  It is a testament to just how good this novel is, how gripping the story gets, that I picked up the sequel just as soon as I completed the last page.

Perhaps some of its charm lies in the main character of Tris. Here we see a tough, realistic heroine who suffers from moral dilemmas, who is facing the challenges of growing up and living a markedly different life from that of her childhood and all under a shroud of fear and mystery. The romantic perspective is slow and awkward and has at its core a sense of reality that is interesting given the fantastical surrounds. Nothing feels dumbed down, there is something beautifully raw and acute about everything that Tris experiences that really cements your presence as a reader in her world.

Now, heck, I just can't wait for the movie! The trailer is out and I allowed myself a peek after finishing the book - check it out yourself ( if you've read the book already) it looks pretty bang on!

5 out of 5 readers now want a tattoo of 3 crows

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