Sunday, 9 March 2014

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

"The  Candor  sing  the  praises  of  the  truth,  but  they  never  tell  you  how  much  it  costs"

I literally tore open the pages of this highly anticipated sequel. When I say highly anticipated, I mean, I probably waited half an hour between finishing the first book and continuing on with the sequel. Had to leave time to post my review after all!

Anyway, back to the sequel I'm generally no fan of sequels - except for Empire Strikes Back - I thought they smelled bad from the outside - but perhaps that means a trilogy is an entirely different beast ( or  tauntaun). I don't really know why I'm off on a Star Wars tangent, best not to diverge from the subject!

The world that Tris lives in has changed considerably and the air smells like war. Will she discover the truth behind everyone's factional machinations? Will her love for four/Tobias trump all and what is the truth about her divergent status?

Not everything will be revealed in this instalment, however the scene is definitely set for the final outcome and now I'm just itching to launch into the 3rd book. I'm eyeing it up as we speak!

5 out of 5  simulations can really mess with your head.

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