Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton

"I can see us with a puppy, but a baby? Not only no, but hell no. I’m a U.S. Mar­shal, a legal vam­pire ex­e­cu­tioner, and I raise the dead for a liv­ing."

I needed a dash of escapism after a weird day today. I think perhaps I was a little tired, so jumping back into this book was hard work.I didn't realise I only had a few pages left and it took a while to recollect what had happened in the latest instalment of Anita's adventures of the supernatural variety. Something about someone's kid. Now its coming back to me, the mother of all darkness etc etc. Bad things are coming, again, after Anita. Everyone's coming where Anita is concerned, and as per usual things don't stay buried; no matter where she goes.
More were - lions, more vampires, more drama. Yes an outing with Anita is almost as eventful as the weird and wacky conversation I had to day with someone possessing that ovary-ache- inducing appeal that Jean-Claude and Richard in the re-united triumvirate have. But I digress...I'd love to share more about what happens in the book, but it just seemed a little forgettable this outing. I keep returning to Anita to relive the excitement of some of the earlier instalments. Since she's made peace with her need to couple with everyone, something of the illicit thrill has gone out of it. Who knew a bevy of supernatural hot bods could be a bit of a snooze. Could it be time to settle down? For Anita it sounds like it.

2 out of 5 randy were-creatures just phoned it in.

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