Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Making of Hitchcock's the Birds by Tony Lee Moral

"But first they had to catch the birds - and that was far from easy".

While this attempts to distance itself from some of the more outlandish stories that abound regarding the making of this unforgettable Hitchcock classic ( see for a sample). It remains an utterly compelling read and possibly more so for its less salacious stand point.

There is something about the combination of a Daphne du Maurier source work ( Rebecca being one of my faves) and the mastery of Hitchcock that combine for cinematic brilliance. That being said the almost complete re-write carried out by Evan Hunter can’t be discounted and his tales of serfdom are an essential element of the book’s charm.

My favourite character in the Hitchcock team is, apart from Alma, the always amazing Edith Head. Her creations were always revelatory and the thought process behind them fascinating. Tony Lee Moral provides delightful insights into the production that make you feel almost part of it, although thankfully not literally part of it- some of those trained birds could still be intimidating.

5 out of 5 murders of crows.

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