Sunday, 21 September 2014

Flirt by Laurell K Hamilton

"I was still mak­ing peace with the meta­phys­i­cal mess my life had be­come."

A quick bite out of Anita's mythological menagerie of lovers seemed like a quick win on a Sunday night. This little novella sees Ms Blake indulging her inner lioness and embroiled in her usual supernatural activities.

Two very different requests for loved ones to be raised from the dead are rejected by Anita on the basis that those behind the requests are just plain creepy. Which of the two, however, will not take the rejection lightly? Will her bevy of beautiful and animal-like beaus come to blows in the aftermath?

Let's just say it won't take too many pages to find out. 

Interesting to see where Anita's more predatory traits will take her next?

3 out of 5 lions are on the prowl.

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