Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Jason by Laurell K Hamilton

"Was my en­cour­ag­ing them to find other lovers a way of get­ting them out of my bed, if not my life?"

This 23rd outing of the Anita Blake vampire series is a little novella that is light on plot and heavy on the hot and heavy. All pretence of a supernatural plot has kind of gone by the way side as Anita grapples with whether she might enjoy sex with women as well as her menage of supernatural were-men.
She receives a little instruction on technique and gives some in return. Yes, there is a lot of giving and receiving - you get my drift.
More of a one handed read than even the usual Anita stories. I missed Jean Claude and the story lines that usually accompany the copious copulation. Even after 23 outings Anita is still having the odd annoying moral dilemma, which quickly dissipates when the lights (or anyone) go down.

2 out of 5 were-panther/tiger/lions are a little rough.

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