Monday, 15 June 2015


“This is the reason I have come all the way to Switzerland. It appears that I have arrived too late”

Having rather enjoyed The House of Silk, I was eager to embark on its sequel. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, I was unable to see the author’s session at the Sydney Writer’s Festival. I did manage to buy a copy at the table outside and what follows is the result.

I love Sherlock Holmes and am unapologetic about it. I even occasionally sport a somewhat Sherlockian cape, though I have yet to acquire a deerstalker and I’m not a fan of pipes. So I was eagerly awaiting his appearance, and I waited, and waited and waited and....
I knew something would happen either with Holmes or the titular Moriarty, it just took a heck of a long time to happen.

The last quarter of the book is great, I just wish I got there sooner. Life has also got in the way, so perhaps I can't blame the author. If you enjoy a murder mystery, check this one out. That being said, sometimes sequels just don't live up to their original.

3 out of 5 evil genius murderers take their time.

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