Monday, 19 October 2015

The Boys from Brazil by Ira Levin

“To kill sixty-five-year-old civil servants. A few of them are sixty-four and sixty-six”

A plot to kill ageing civil servants, Nazis on the run and cloning, yes The Boys from Brazil must have been just the ticket back in 1976 when it was published. The central premise of a diabolical Mengele on the loose with an evil plan to flood the world with Hitler's clones makes for an interesting read. I imagine, at the time it was written, when the notion of cloning was more in the realm of science fiction,  the idea of some tailor made future mad men at large due to scientific advances might really have chilled the blood.

Add in scary dobermans and a touch of assumed identity and you have an entertaining thriller that perhaps suffers a little from the passage of time.

I still finished it quickly.

4 out of 5 clones are a scary thought. 

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